EZ Purée™ Reusable Pouches

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No more garbage! Take care of the environment with the new EZ Purée Reusable Pouches, as convenient and practical as the originals but now washable! You won’t have to buy expensive and processed baby food anymore! You can now use fresh fruits and vegetables to package and store your baby’s favourite recipes. Perfect for babies, toddlers, and preschool lunches.

  • EASY TO CLEAN – Wide opening allows for access to the entire pouch!
  • DISHWASHER AND FREEZER SAFE - For best results, rinse before loading in the dishwasher.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND SAFE (BPA, PVC, LEAD & PHTHALATE FREE)  – each pouch is made from high quality, food-grade plastic, and includes a child-safe cap. 
  • EASY TO FILL - With our EZ Purée™ Station or through the top zipper.
  • LEAK PROOF - Top double strength zipper.
  • BABY FRIENDLY - Rounded edges.
  • SAFE CAP - Easy to Grip & Squeeze


  • 5* Reusable Squeeze Pouches(6oz/180ml
  • 5 * child-safe cap (for Reusable Squeeze Pouches)
  • 1 * spoon


  • 10 * Reusable Squeeze Pouches(6oz/180ml
  • 10 * child-safe cap (for Reusable Squeeze Pouches)
  •  2  * Spoons

    IT’S AS EASY AS 1 .. 2 .. 3

    Digit One on JoyPixels 4.5PREPARE THE EZ PURÉE ™  

    Insert the Reusable Pouches into their designated areas on the station, then twist the filling tubes onto the top of the station that connects them to the Reusable Pouches below.


    Blend or mash up fresh fruits, vegetables or whatever ingredients you’d like to make into a purée. You can them pour them into each of the filling tubes that where assembled in step 1.

    Digit Three on JoyPixels  SQUEEZE THE PUREE!

    Use the press to push the purée down the tubes and into the Reusable Pouches below. Each filled tube provides the perfect amount of purée to fill the pouches!

    That’s it!! Now you’re ready to remove each Reusable Pouch and cap them. We recommend to label each pouch with the date and ingredients used. You can feed them to your children right away! If you want the purée for later on, place them inside the fridge or freezer. Our pouches are freezer safe, BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. 


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