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Holding an energetic squirming baby is a herculean and tiring task in a normal situation and this just tenfold and manifests when the baby is taking a bath. 
Our arms usually get tired while trying to keep the baby still while giving them a bath and not to mention they also get slippery which is very dangerous. Slip and fall accidents could occur and your baby's head may hit the tub or sink. 

This is the safest way of bathing your baby!

With the bath support, you can give your baby a comfortable bath, it will feel nice and quiet while enjoying the water, besides enjoying, it will be safe since it meets the highest security regulations.
Pleasure and safety:
It is used for a safe and pleasant bathing time, providing comprehensive support for the baby. 
The soft hand makes the baby fall in love with the bath time.
Bath size 22X80cm, 
Bath mat size 50x40cm, 
Environmental protection PP material.
Closed-cell foam EPC: This structure contains 98% gas, to provide a strong buoyancy.
Easy to fold and free employment: only 20 cm thick folding bathtub
It is suitable for 0-6 months newborn or smaller baby. It employs a bath-bed structure to effectively prevent the baby from sliding into the water. The soft material can avoid the baby's head to hit the edge of the tub or sink 
Made with a cotton pad to rest your baby's head and a long strip design.

Bath Pad Dimensions

Baby Bath Support


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