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 It’s never been so easy to clean up, all you got to do is lift, slide and close!

In seconds you’ll be done with the mess of hours of play with our toy’s basket. ! 

When the weekend comes, our children always want to play with their toys in many places of the house: dolls, puzzles or Legos. When they finish playing, we start cleaning the area, organizing and collecting the pieces or toys which can take hours of our day and sometimes we can’t find all of them all, losing them at the end. With Ez Toy Basquet you can forget about wasting your time looking for the toys and organizing the room after they finish playing. 

2 IN 1 

Ez toy Basket is a container where you can save the favorite doll of your child, the new Legos that you bought in Christmas for your baby, videogames, puzzles, etc.  But at the same time, has include a comfortable rug where your kids can play. Both where include together for one reason: saving time for you.



The advantage of using Ez Toy Basket is that you can pick up all the toys in seconds, saving time and also money because you can be sure that all the games and toys are in the container’s rug. This helps you to don´t lose Legos, puzzle pieces or toys while at the same time helps you to organize the room.


All you’ve got to do is lift, slide and close!


Before playing:

All you need to do is expand the rug where your child is going to play and let your kids play with ought worrying about the mees they’re about to make.
Our materials are durable but also soft to play on; so be sure your baby is going to be comfortable when playing.

After playing:

When game time is over, the only thing you have to do to tidy up the mess is to take the rug and slide it up: this will make that all the puzzles, games and toys that were used go directly into the basket.
At the end, closethe toy’s basket. You will have an organized room in seconds and you can be sure that all the toys are saved in your container.


This product was created with durable materials like oxford and polyester cloth, so you won’t have to think of replacing it or to be cautious with it: you can be sure that this product will last all the kids’ childhood.
Besides, the rug’s length is 150 centimeters, so your children will have a big area for playing, and the basket is 39 centimeters length in order to contain there many games and toys.

If you acquire EZ Toy Basket you will save time and money. Clean in seconds after the kids play:  Slide the rug up and close the container.


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